Nuclear waste management & storage

In the index below, you will find a chronologically sorted selection of South Australian Cabinet documents related to the subjects of nuclear waste management and storage. The subject is as relevant in 2021 as ever, as South Australia is expected to host the nation’s first purpose-built nuclear waste storage facility near Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula.

Nuclear waste storage has generated waves of controversy in South Australia and the Northern Territory since the late 1990s as siting choices and storage propositions have been hotly debated. A Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission was held in South Australia during 2015-16, after which a Citizens Jury voted against exploring the prospect of importing spent nuclear fuel from other countries for deep underground storage and disposal. Today’s national radioactive waste storage facility is proposed to be an above-ground facility for the purpose of storing and managing Australia’s domestically-generated nuclear waste.

These Cabinet documents were obtained by Freedom of Information request, processes using object-character recognition software and republished here as searchable .PDF files. In South Australia, Cabinet documents remain confidential for 10 years, after which they can be requested from the Department of Premier & Cabinet’s website.

19/03/01Assessment of the proposed radioactive waste repository under the EPBC Act 1999South Australian Cabinet documents
21/05/02Nuclear waste policy initiativesSouth Australian Cabinet documents
21/10/02Draft environmental impact statement – National radioactive waste repositorySouth Australian Cabinet documents
20/10/03Report on the audit of radioactive material in South AustraliaSouth Australian Cabinet documents
04/12/03Report on the audit of radioactive material in South AustraliaSouth Australian Cabinet documents