Coral 1 – sculpture


Human-generated carbon emissions are warming and acidifying oceans at an alarming rate. The death of coral reefs is just one of the many consequences of our changing climate. Coral reefs are hugely diverse ecosystems, supporting more than a quarter of all marine life, but they are sensitive to water temperature. Scientists have been warning for decades that coral reefs won’t survive warming oceans. It’s now expected that coral reefs will experience bleaching events more frequently, making it impossible for corals to adapt and regenerate. How much warming and acidification can the oceans take before coral reefs and marine ecosystems collapse?

This artwork was first exhibited in an exhibition called Remade, held at Gallery 1855, South Australia in 2021. The materials in this work have been “remade” from sand and heat several times before assuming this form. Sand is first heated and rolled into glass sheets in a factory. I cut sections from these sheets to fuse and form into plates and sculptural pieces using a small kiln. For “remade”, I challenged myself to create something beautiful using only left over scrap pieces of clear glass from my studio.

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Emma Monceaux
Kiln-formed glass
29cm (diameter) x 3.5cm (height)




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