Intelligence Ltd: Stargazing – poster print


Dan Monceaux
Digital illustration satin poster print (200gsm)
841mm x 1189mm (A0)

1 in stock (can be backordered)


“Star-gazing” is a one-page comic strip from a forthcoming series of cartoons called Intelligence Ltd. The cartoons respond to the evolving technology and politics of the Surveillance State. Technological advancements in tracking, recording and artificial intelligence continue to outstrip the rate at which citizens and parliaments can respectively comprehend their implications and legislate to prevent harm. Many States and corporations are eager to exploit people’s lives and data trails with little or no informed consent. Live debates are raging around the world about the citizen’s human rights to privacy and freedom from interference. Monceaux’s personal studies of surveillance, politics and his background in computer science allow him to playfully explore this dark and poorly understood subject.

This artwork was first shown in the exhibition A Light in the Dark, held at the West Torrens Auditorium Gallery in South Australia during Adelaide Fringe 2021.

Each poster print is signed by the artist, Dan Monceaux.

Additional poster sizes (smaller) can be made available upon request.




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