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Call for entries: Underwater South Australia photography exhibition (Fleurieu Edition)

Following the success of Force of Nature’s first group underwater photography exhibition in 2018, Underwater South Australia is back… this time with a regional focus on Fleurieu Peninsula. Nature photographers and artists Dan Monceaux and Emma Monceaux (Force of Nature) are now seeking submissions of photographic and video works (from any year) showcasing underwater Fleurieu Peninsula and its offshore reefs and wrecks. Submissions will be considered for a forthcoming group exhibition to celebrate the region’s spectacular marine and aquatic biodiversity.

The exhibition will feature roughly 12 photographic works, plus video and will be installed at one of the region’s premiere art galleries. The exhibition will occur in April 2018, with further details to be announced.

Interested photographers of all experience levels are invited to provide a selection of up to 6 of their best qualifying photographic works for the curators’ consideration. The extent of the Fleurieu Peninsula includes all locations from Myponga Beach to Middleton, with some suggestions marked on the map below. Images from locations north of Myponga, or east of Middleton are not valid entries.

Submissions will be considered on their own merits and collectively against the exhibition’s objectives. They should reflect diversity of subjects (both common and rare), locations and artistic and technical merit. All images must have been captured or recorded in Fleurieu Peninsula waters (marine or fresh).

The exhibition is intended to serve as a celebration for those already exploring and photographing South Australia underwater, while introducing the wider public to the many destinations and subjects that make snorkeling and diving here such a pleasure.

DEADLINE: Submissions close midnight, March 8, 2019.

How to enter

Send an email with “Underwater South Australia” in the subject line to Dan Monceaux at . Your email should contain the following:

• Up to 6 low-resolution preview images or viewing links

• If submitting video, viewing links for 1 or 2 video clips (edited)

• Names of image/video locations (essential) and subjects (if known)

If your image is short-listed and has not been exhibited in a past Underwater South Australia exhibition, you will receive a follow-up email requesting a full resolution copy of your file. Force of Nature will then make arrangements to have your work professionally printed, framed and hung.

Works exhibited at a previous Underwater South Australia exhibition are eligible for re-entry.

Does it cost anything?

There is no entry fee to submit work for potential inclusion in this group exhibition. It is expected however, that artists will bear the cost of professional printing and framing of their works and that a standard will be set. The exhibition will be printed as a series, with consistent framing and print size (A3 images, with matte boards and black timber frames).

We will work with our existing printing and framing partners to offer selected artists a package that delivers a balance of print quality, image size and professional presentation. The costs are expected to be below $100 per work, including a handling fee for bringing your work from digital file to printed, framed and hung artwork.

Can I sell my work at the exhibition?

Artists can set a sale price for their work at their discretion. All unsold work will remain the property of the participating artist after the closing of the exhibition. Force of Nature reserves the right to reproduce the work in promotional and publicity materials only.

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Citizen science and community art project “It Came from the Harbour” begins in Port Adelaide

In 2019, Force of Nature artists Dan Monceaux and Emma Monceaux are teaming up with SpinFX AustrAliA artists Bob Daly and Kalyna Micenko to deliver an exciting new community cultural development art project entitled “It Came From the Harbour”. Conceived by the participating artists and presented by the Port Adelaide Artists Forum, the project is designed to celebrate and raise community awareness of the marine and coastal flora and fauna of the Port (Adelaide) River through observation, recording and art-making.

The project will take place in three stages, and span the first half of 2019. There will be many ways for people of all ages to participate in the project, either as a nature observer/photographer (capturing images of Port River biodiversity), a creative artist (making art inspired by nature) or as a volunteer exhibition attendant/guide.

The schedule for the project is rapidly taking shape. An official launch event will occur in February at Gallery Yampu (date TBC). The event will introduce the project, and the various ways people can participate. It will also present a visually rich guest lecture on the biodiversity of the Port Adelaide river, and show people how to contribute their own nature sightings.

Two days of community snorkeling days will follow in February-March with project partners, Experiencing Marine Sancturaries.

Meanwhile, Bob Daly and Kalyna Micenko will run workshops with school and community groups, helping them to design and make various depictions of the animals and plants that call the Port River home.

The final stage of the project will be a month-long art exhibition in Gallery Yampu (northwestern corner of the Birkenhead Bridge), which will transform the gallery into a vivid and colourful coastal and underwater world, teeming with biodiversity. The walk-in installation will combine community-made and professionally-guided sculptural art with photographic and video imagery, and field notes for nature lovers.

We are delighted to announce that the project has received funding from the South Australian government through its arts funding agency, Arts SA.

Part 1 – Nature observation

The Port Adelaide project on iNaturalist is online and accepting contributions now. The website is free to join, and photographic sightings of all forms of life are invited. If you’re unsure of what a plant or animal is, don’t worry… just upload it! The “crowd” of amateur and professional naturalists there is eager to help identify it with you. The project is geographically bound to include the entire Port River, from the mouth of the estuary at Outer Harbor to St. Kilda, past Torrens and Garden islands, south through the inner harbour, West Lakes and out to sea via the West Lakes inlet. If you make an observation anywhere in this area and upload it to iNaturalist (the mobile app is an easy option for adding terrestrial sightings), it will automatically appear in the project.. and if it’s really great, it might even be selected for the final exhibition!

Part 2 – Sculptural art-making

During Part 2, professional artists Bob Daly and Kalyna Micenko will lead a series of art-making workshops, inspired by the photographic work of citizen scientists. Workshop dates will be organised with community and school groups directly at dates TBC.

Part 3 – Immersive exhibition

During Part 3, a curated selection of community-made artwork, photographs and video will be installed at Gallery Yampu as a free “walk-in” exhibition experience.

Do you want to find out more or get involved?