Force of Nature artists take citizenship seriously. We believe that the best way to protect nature is to speak on its behalf, and do so with an argument supported by sound scientific evidence. We also realise the need to understand the political context in which major decisions are made. Our objective is not to halt or stymie human progress, but to see it managed in such a way that it minimises harm to the living planet. Too often, short term gains are made for a few at the expense of the natural world. We believe that natural resources should be used wisely and responsibly at all times.

On this website, we intend to share our growing resource of governance-related Freedom of Information request releases. We also provide for you a collection of submissions we have made to government agencies in response to a range of development applications, Environmental Impact Statements, Royal Commissions and parliamentary inquiries.

Freedom of Information

You’ll soon be able to browse our database of documentation released following Freedom of Information requests. As of 2018, database contents focus on matters relevant to South Australia.

Submissions to Government

You’ll soon be able to browse our collection of submissions made to local, State and Commonwealth government departments, agencies and parliamentary inquiries. For the time being, you can view a selection of these on