Dan Monceaux - Granular seastar & sponges (2020)

Marine environment

South Australia has thousands of kilometres of spectacular coastline, from the Coorong’s seemingly endless beaches to the rugged cliffs of the Great Australian Bight. The state’s marine waters are managed by a combination of local, State and Commonwealth governments. South Australian marine life is extraordinary and biodiverse but poorly understood. The conservation of South Australia’s marine environment depends on responsible management of urban, industrial and maritime activities.

The documents below were obtained by Freedom of Information request, and have been recompressed and made searchable to assist fellow public interest researchers and historians.

28/03/89Aquatic ReservesSouth Australian Cabinet documents
16/10/89Bill for the Marine Environment Protection Act 1989South Australian Cabinet documents
28/02/05Encounter Marine Park draft zoning planSouth Australian Cabinet documents
05/12/05Protection of the Leafy seadragon and all syngnathids in South AustraliaSouth Australian Cabinet documents
05/12/05South Australian Marine Planning FrameworkSouth Australian Cabinet documents