Dan Monceaux - Judge Dredge (2018)

Ports, harbours & shipping

South Australia has many ports and harbours peppered along its extensive coastline. Some are recent or proposed developments, while others date back to the early days of the colony in the 19th century. Ports and harbours are econimically important as they facilitate transport and trade. They are also environmentally important as their construction and operation has the potential to alter the surrounding marine environment. Issues arising include the interruption of the natural transport of sand along beaches, the introduction of new sources of acoustic pollution below the water and the importation and establishment of novel organisms on hulls of ships, boats or in ballast water. Best practice in siting, planning and operation of these facilities is required to minimise risks to the marine environment.

The South Australian cabinet papers below relate to various port and harbour operations, developments and expansion projects around the state. They were obtained by Freedom of Information request, made searchable and recompressed prior to publication here.

12/08/02Eradication of the exotic seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia from the Port Adelaide riverSouth Australian Cabinet documents
21/06/04Onesteel proposal for WhyallaSouth Australian Cabinet documents
21/03/05Spencer Gulf ferry service (Lucky Bay to Wallaroo)South Australian Cabinet documents
09/05/05Infrastructure submission to the Commonwealth GovernmentSouth Australian Cabinet documents
11/12/06Port Bonython rezoningSouth Australian Cabinet documents