Sea ice – digital illustration on linen


Emma Monceaux
Digital illustration printed on linen
96cm x 137cm

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Human-generated carbon emissions are warming and acidifying oceans at an alarming rate, with melting sea ice just one of the many consequences of our changing climate. Sea level rise is already flooding low-lying islands in the Pacific, making coastal areas uninhabitable and forcing communities to relocate. A reduction in sea ice also opens up the Arctic sea to more fossil fuel extraction, adding fuel to the fire. Less sea ice reduces the ocean’s reflective capacity, leaving darker ice-free areas to absorb more ultra violet light, leading to more ocean warming.

Even if we cut carbon emissions today, the carbon that we’ve already released into the atmosphere will continue to be absorbed by the oceans. An increase in ocean warming and acidification is inevitable. How much warming can the oceans take before coral reefs and marine ecosystems collapse? Are we going to be prepared for inevitable coastal inundation? Will we accept climate refugees with open arms, whose homes and land are swallowed up by the ocean? Will our government continue to under-perform on emissions reductions?

This artwork was first exhibited at the Port Adelaide Artists Forum in 2017, and re-exhibited in A Light in the Dark at West Torrens Auditorium Gallery in 2021.

This artwork is ready to hang from above, and is supported by two wooden dowel rods running across the artwork’s top and bottom edges. The complete artwork can be rolled and shipped (price on inquiry).




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